LOSING LORI #50 – September 26, 2013

I’m feeling so sheepish. I didn’t post a blog yesterday. I also didn’t lose any weight. There is some very (good) stressful stuff happening with me right now and I’ve fallen back into the stress eating patterns. I haven’t careened completely out of control, mind you. The Rip-L-Chip supply in Calgary and area is still at a reasonable level. I’m … Read More

LOSING LORI #47 – July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day, joy-lovers! I wanted to check in with you to give you the straight goods on what’s going on with Losing Lori. Lori is NOT losing right now. Nay nay (see: John Pinette – amazing). After several months of busting my ample arse at the gym doing 90 minute work outs and eating rigorously healthy, I was seeing … Read More

LOSING LORI #42 – May 15, 2013

Greetings, friends! I have to be honest with you. Nothing major to report this week. I’m keeping close track of calories and it’s paying off. Yeah, I stood on that bitch scale a couple of times. Dysfunctional? Absolutely! But you deserve to know the truth. Breakups are tricky and sometimes you go back to your comfort zone whether it’s good … Read More

LOSING LORI #20 – December 12, 2012

Happy middle of December to you! Hopefully, you’ll feeling just the perfect amount of pre-Christmas glowy warmth by now. I’m very fortunate to have developed the life skills, particularly in my 40s, to pull off a pretty much stress-free Christmas. It helps having very cool people in my family, but I also let go of the Martha Stewart Perfect Christmas … Read More

LOSING LORI #19 – December 5, 2012

Oh hi, sugar plum! Last week, partially to celebrate 40 pounds gone, partially because my neck and back were tight, and mostly because I like me, I booked myself a massage. I’ve only had a couple of official massages in my life and I generally ruin them by yacking endlessly due to my debilitating need to be liked, particularly by … Read More

LOSING LORI #5A – September 1, 2012

It took a very long time to work up the chutzpah to lose weight again. I had been a 3-time loser at Weight Watchers years ago and each time I gained back the weight plus more. It’s a very common story. And one I don’t care to repeat. When I worked at a computer company, and I mean circa ’89 … Read More


Friend: “Our family went mountain climbing on the weekend. Gorgeous. So much fun. But I felt guilty when we got home because I only climbed halfway up.” Me: “So… wait. How long were you mountain climbing?” Friend: “I guess about 3.5 hours.” My friend, who is a passionate, talented, loving, driven, compassionate, successful and deep woman, was kicking her own … Read More

In the Moment

It’s 1:51 am on a Sunday morning. Just finished a weekend of shows at Calgary Yuk Yuks emceeing for Dave Coulier. I’m so grateful for everybody who came out to the shows. How was Dave? Funny, personable, sweet, down to earth and gracious. Yeah, we went wild in that green room pounding back bottles of water and binging on veggies … Read More

Places I’ll be…

Hello loveheads, A few upcoming dates since I haven’t been easy enough to stalk lately. May 25       Monashees , Vernon, BC May 29       CBC The Debaters taping, Saskatoon, SK May 30       Jupiter Lounger, Calgary, AB June 7-9     Calgary Yuk Yuks wearing MC pants for Damonde Tschritter June 21-23 Calgary Yuk Yuks wearing MC pants for Dave … Read More

Now I am 6…

Yesterday, I turned 6 years old as a comedian. Here are 21 things I have learned: 1. Getting into comedy for the money is like getting into triathlons for the rest. 2. There are many comedians who are generous and kind with their advice and wisdom. 3. Not all advice works for everybody. 4. HBO does not call after your … Read More