LOSING LORI #47 – July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day, joy-lovers!

I wanted to check in with you to give you the straight goods on what’s going on with Losing Lori. Lori is NOT losing right now. Nay nay (see: John Pinette – amazing). After several months of busting my ample arse at the gym doing 90 minute work outs and eating rigorously healthy, I was seeing no results. As much as I repeated the good and healthy mantras in my grand noggin, I was getting more frustrated each week.

I know there might be people out there doubting my efforts and wondering if I’m not one of those night terror people who leap into a vat of Munchie Mix and eat themselves to freedom in their sleep. Okay, that’s possible, but due to lack of evidence I have to say I stayed in my bed at night.

So, rather than smash my self into a brick wall of resentment and frustration, I decided to just effing RELAX for a spell … to take the focus off my GD body for a change.

There have been a few freezies that have made their way into my mouth now that summer weather is here. I may or may not have dabbled in a couple of bagels. It’s possible I had a few chips but they were eaten under the cover of darkness which negates their caloric value as we all know.

Yes, I may have gained a couple of pounds. Do I feel awesome about that? Nuh uh. Am I letting it defeat me? Nuh uh. Soon, I will have nurtured enough gumption to get back on track with focus and determination. For now, I’m giving myself some respite. I can’t say whether that’s right or wrong, but it’s what I’m doing and it’s what feels right.

So, juuuust had to give you the honest update. Take care, dearhearts.