In the Moment

It’s 1:51 am on a Sunday morning. Just finished a weekend of shows at Calgary Yuk Yuks emceeing for Dave Coulier. I’m so grateful for everybody who came out to the shows. How was Dave? Funny, personable, sweet, down to earth and gracious. Yeah, we went wild in that green room pounding back bottles of water and binging on veggies and dip. It was CRAZY, you guys. Totes gone Hollywood.

When other comedians are onstage, I like to grab a chair at the back corner of the room. Then I listen intently to the show while I play Bejeweled. I don’t know why. There’s something soothing to my brain about that combination of activities. I love hearing people laugh. Dear lawdy, there is something intoxicating about that. 250 people in the same room focused on the performer. It’s fascinating to watch the audience. Someone will laugh then glance at their friend, or even better – a stranger, and they’ll start laughing and right in that moment, there’s this bizarre and awesome intimate bond. Sharing that laugh is a gorgeous thing. Watching people just listening to the comedian and seeing them smiling in anticipation of a laugh – wow. I think it’s so amazing to watch because you’re seeing people truly IN THE MOMENT.  And seriously, THAT is, hands down, the BEST place to be.