LOSING LORI #57 – November 13, 2013

Dear pals o’ mine,

On this wacky weight-loss ride, I am regularly reminded of one thing – I know nothing. That could be construed as a negative, but it’s really not. The saying ‘ignorance is bliss’ has a lot of merit really. I figure as long as I can laugh about it, I’ll stay sane.

AzLC_ndCAAAn5dA.jpg_largeThis week, I focused on an old standby – calorie counting. And I have a very exciting new motivation. We’re going to Mexico in January and I’d like to arrive at the beach with a little less Lori to stuff in my suit of bathing.  There are kayaks there and I daydream about paddling out to the coral reef for a snorkel. Why no, I have never actually kayaked. Do I sit on my knees? Do my legs go out in front of me? Will I need lube to get in? Do they come in plus sizes? What if I kayak to the reef and can’t re-insert myself into the kayak to get back? I mean, I’m not really panicking about that. I have absolutely no qualms about swimming back whilst pulling the kayak on a rope in my teeth. You’re welcome for the visual. (But OMG, seriously, how do you re-mount a kayak from the water??? *panics* *throws self down hallway*)

So, hopefully I can keep Mexico in the forefront of my cranium because it certainly made a difference this week – a difference I can actually feel this time. Yep, gotta a little of the old air flow in m’pants goin’ on. I crave the next size down in jeans and it just so happens there’s a pair waiting in my closet for me, flirting with me, givin’ me that sideways smile… I’ll get you, my pretty. It’s just a matter of time.

Thanks a bushel for popping by.



Pounds lost this week: 2.4

Total pounds lost: 59.7