LOSING LORI #55 – October 30, 2013

BOO!!!  No, not ‘boo’ as in a negative response, but ‘boo’ as in I-just-scared-the-Bejesus-out-of-you-didn’t-I? Happy day between my birthday and Halloween, bishes.

old_carrie_and_newcarrie.jpeg.size.xxlarge.letterboxI’m feeling pretty smug about how fabulously I snubbed my abusive boyfriend (the scale) this week. Oh, I could hear him lurking there under the bathroom sink with his sneering good looks, cheap beer and tribal tattoos, but I ignored the dink. As far as my week went in terms of eating, I was pretty stellar… well, until two days ago. It was Scary Movie Club and it’s widely-known that large amounts of popcorn should be shoveled in thy mouth in a darkened theater. Little known fact: if it’s a scary movie, Carrie in this instance, you can add layered butter without consequence. True. Google it.




Yesterday was my birthday, not that I’m attention-seeking or anything. You’re damn right I eat cake on my birthday. I’m not a Nazi. I had some at work and there was another cake at home, so obviously, I had both. Mmm, lard cake. That’s the kind where you have juuust enough cake to act as a vehicle for 17 pounds of icing per slice. If you’re after my heart, add a few roses on that slab of heaven.

This week was a prime example of ‘real life’ eating. There are certain things I hold dear, e.g. movie popcorn, and will allow myself once a month. Birthday cake once a year – why the hell not? And believe it or not, I lost 2 pounds of prime bish anyway. Woo!


Thanks for popping by. Happy Halloween and may you get the sh*t scared out of you many times to help purge the handful of mini Wunderbars you may or may not have ingested… by accident of course.




Pounds lost this week: 2

Total pounds lost: 56.1