LOSING LORI #53 – October 16, 2013

Well, hello there! Good to see you. You look good in that colour.

Just chillin' rather than obsessing.

Just chillin’ rather than obsessing.

It’s been 2 weeks back on this here wagon, and I’m enjoying the ride. I realized a few days ago that I had made some adjustments to my weight loss efforts compared to how I was early this year. It’s fair to say right now my eating is a lot more ‘real life’ based. I am not currently attempting to entirely banish white flour and sugar from landing in my mouth. I am not getting so wrapped up in the minutea of what I eat that I’m questioning eating an apple in the morning because it could affect my blood sugar. No, I’m not diabetic and I like a GD apple in the morning, so the apple I shall have. If I have a treat, I huck it in My Fitness Pal like everything else. I wanted fruit gummies in the bathtub on Friday after my first week at up! 97.7 and that is what I had. Just to clarify, I didn’t bathe in the fruit gummies, but in retrospect… yum?

It’s too easy to get overtaken, dare I say obsessed, with this stuff. I’ve done it dozens of times in my life. Has it worked? Hmm, maybe short term. But inevitably, there will be a day with birthday cake, a holiday with a dessert I love, or another bath in and/or with fruit gummies. So, for right now, it’s real life eating without the over-the-top pressure I tend to put on myself.

This man is my hero.

This man is my hero.

The sneak peak at the scale is not great which amuses me more than anything. After the immediate water retention from a medium movie popcorn seeing ‘Gravity’ on Saturday, I wouldn’t be surprised if that tsunami of salt is still coursing through me. It was powerful enough that I gained 4 pounds overnight when I checked on Sunday. Ha! But hot damn, it was worth it. I mean, what is going to a movie theatre other than a chance to shovel popcorn in your mouth in the dark? But no golden topping even though I salivate for it despite its creepy moniker.

What’s that? Oh, you’re so sweet to ask how I’m doing with the new job, you selfless thing, you. Well, quite frankly, I really like it. The music is right up my alley. My morning show friends, Jay & Leslie, are smart, talented, ridiculous and wholly inappropriate – also right up my alley. I was given a large bottle of ‘luxury vodka’ (I looked it up) on my first day and I even have a desk so I can play grownup after the show!  And all those laughing selfies you sent me (still gratefully accepted) were the first thing up on my bulletin board. They remind me daily not only on whom to focus, but that I have a freakishly amazing bunch of friends.

How are your wagon travels going? I’d love to hear about your ride whether it’s bumpy or smooth, whether you’re driving the thing or have been tossed off and are in a ditch plucking cacti out of your arse. Hey, thanks for popping by. You’re swell.



Pounds gained this week: .2   whatevs

Total pounds lost: 56.7