LOSING LORI #52 – October 8, 2013


Well hi! It’s so good to see you again. You look even better from this view. What view, you ask? From on this GD wagon, my friend!

wagonconnie-ricca-covered-wagon-on-oregon-trail-lewis-and-clark-trail-whitman-mission-walla-walla-washington-usaAfter 3 weeks of false starts, I hurled myself back on the weight loss wagon. I honestly do picture a wagon in this scenario. It’s not a Radio Flyer little red wagon. It’s more of a western wagon. The first week, I got a handhold on the wooden floorboards but then when I tried to sling a leg up, it got caught in the wheel spokes and I fell off in a magnificent cloud of dust. The next time, I got a foot up but then my anxiety sweat hit and I lost my grip. Then I got a bit frustrated, then a bit (a lot) angry, then I thought, “If I don’t effing get on this time, I’m going to lose my sh*t!” So, quite honestly, with a lot of sheer grit, I started recording my eats and drinks on My Fitness Pal (username: lorihasfun – can’t have too many friends). Although my mind had skewed my perspective on the difficulty of eating less, once my ass got on that wagon, it wasn’t the Everest I had imagined.

Oh, dramatic news though. Remember how I took the summer off losing weight and was so relieved I’d only gained back 5 pounds? Well, when all was said and swallowed, it was 11 pounds. For a brief spell, I was pissed off at myself. Then I had a realization – every other time I had lost a significant amount of weight, I gained it back and then some. This time, I lost 60 and gained back 11 before riding the wagon again. I’ve still lost 49 pounds! I stopped a GD cycle here! I shall celebrate and dance in the street! And I don’t mean to foreshadow (totally mean to foreshadow), but I may or may not have had a scale sneak peak this morning and all indications point to a week well done.

So without further ado or adon’t, if you’ll cue the drumroll… this week I lost 7.6 pounds. Silver lining of the first week back. But know this – I didn’t starve. Not even close. I ate about 1940 calories per day.

F*ck. Yes. Thanks for helping me believe I could get back on track, friends.



Pounds lost this week: 7.6

Total pounds lost: 56.9