LOSING LORI #41 – May 8, 2013

Hello! I missed you. Get in here.

evilscaleSo, as you know, I broke up with the scale last week. Not to over-dramatize, but it’s the same feeling as when you end an unhealthy friendship or relationship. For the first few days, I checked the scale. I thought, “Oh well, I don’t have to tell anybody so I won’t be judged. It’s not like we’re getting back together. I’m just checking in.” I’d steal into the bathroom and slide the scale out and take a look. The numbers were the same, so I’d walk away thinking, “See? That wasn’t so bad. Your feelings aren’t hurt. The scale’s okay.” The more I had these internal dialogues, the more I realized it sounded like I was talking about a GD abusive partner!  So, I stopped.

And now I’m free. *deep breath/happy sigh/twirl on a mountaintop*

1113sk2j4I’m now going to the gym three times a week. I go for 90-120 minutes each time and it feels amazing. I love bumping up the amount of weight on the machines and am already seeing progress. I put the weights as heavy as I can so that it’s such a challenge I often have to break up my 3rd set of 15. The sweat is glorious. The endorphins make me high. Being high makes me sing out loud and air guitar between machines.

By the way, I think it’s great that Goodlife Fitness has a ‘women only’ area. I’m certain that some women feel much more comfortable in there. Speaking for myself though, I love being out there with the wangs. I feel super motivated seeing anyone else at the gym working hard. When I see a tattooed, ripped, sweaty dude lift the whole stack of weights on a machine, it motivates me knowing how long and hard he had to work to be able to do that. I said long and hard.


This is not me. (WHAAAT?)

Oh hey, huge revelation. I feel slightly embarrassed about this, but I need to pay more attention to calories again. It’s always interesting how the pendulum swings, hey? I started in August by tracking every calorie. As time progressed and I learned more, particularly about sugar, I moved away from calorie counting and more toward eating the right foods. Well, as is the way of the pendulum, the answer lies somewhere mid-swing. I need to eat kickass foods but I also need to keep an eye on the calories. They creep up, dudes! Did you know a Tim Horton’s XL with double cream has 200 calories? TWO HUNDRED!? I’d been thinking ‘double cream’ meant 2 tablespoons of coffee cream which would be 60 calories. GD it, Tim’s! Stop seducing me with your insidious creamy goodness!

In conclusion, telling the scale to take a hike has made a noticeable difference in my mental health  and mood. I highly recommend it. See ya at the gym, brah.