LOSING LORI #30 – February 20, 2013

Hello, you! Get yourself in here. When did you start wearing overalls? Hmm…

Hey, remember that time I said I’d go for a walk every day to try to kick this plateau’s arse? Ahaha! Wasn’t that a funny joke? Ha! Ha? Haaaa….


Okay, it’s not as awful as all that. The first day, I walked for 15 minutes. This was my ‘better test out the 15 year old treadmill to make sure it doesn’t start smoking and/or I get tangled in the belt without wearing my Lifecall necklace’ test run. After that went well, I promptly and efficiently put it out of my mind. One thing I’m great at is compartmentalizing and I’m certain if I Googled, compartmentalizing would be considered a huge calorie burner.

I busied myself going to that cool day job of mine and having a road gig on Saturday night. We had a little fun at X929 on Friday. A young man posted on Facebook that he had forgotten how ‘awsome’ (his spelling, not mine) country music was, then thanked the new morning show host. Psst, that’s me! Heaven forbid we lose such a sweet listener, so in response, Roger & I wrote him a country song. If you go here and scroll down a bit, you’ll find “Lori’s Facebook Country Song.” Hope you enjoy it as much as we loved making it. Lawdy, how we laughed.

Saturday night was spent gigging at a Moose Lodge far from home. I had done this gig three years ago and was amused and curious when I saw that the Moose MC was the same fellow this year. Let me share with you his intros…

3 yrs ago:   “Well [heavy sigh], we’ve never had a girl here before, so… here she is – Lori Gibb.”

This year:   “Remember to tip your bartenders well. They won’t get to keep the tips because we have to use that money to pay the comedians. Now let’s welcome your comedians for the night…”

Classic, amiright?! After Moose MC brought me my third vodka, at his insistence, I jokingly called him on his intros. The bunch of us all had a good laugh and I can’t wait to see what he’ll have prepared for next time.

Someday I’ll be this pretty

Oh, oh, oh! I almost forgot. Then I came home and had an honest-to-goodness DAY OFF on Monday. It was bliss. And it was the day I got back on the treadmill for 50 minutes. Today I did 53 minutes. I couldn’t stop mid-song. I find that the treadmill is most palatable to me when it’s dark outside, all the lights are off, I have headphones on and am singing loudly and passionately to my music. Picture everything from Radiohead to Boz Scaggs to Aerosmith (duh) to the Black Keys. Then picture me sweating and singing. Did you see Meatloaf in your head? You win.

So, let’s see if all this sing-walking has made a difference… oh HELL yeah! 3.1 pounds down, mofos. Sorry, you guys aren’t mofos in a bad way, just a celebratory way. I don’t need to tell you that, do I? No. You GET me.

Is 3.1 pounds enough proof that this ‘exercise’ hogwash works? Hrm… maybe I’ll try it another week. We’ll call it research. Or call it Rock Star Treadmilling, coming soon to AMC while we wait for Breaking Bad. YOU are welcome.



Pounds lost this week: 3.1

Total pounds lost: 50.7