LOSING LORI #29 – February 13, 2013

Hey sunshine-pants, get in here.

Man, do I ever feel like a stalled Edsel these days when it comes to weight loss. Maybe it’s my body getting used to doing radio and comedy and not getting enough sleep. But hell, I can take responsibility too. The green room at Yuks this weekend was stocked with a plethora of delicious snacks and since Iliza weighs 7 pounds, I felt it was my duty to eat not only my share, but hers.

I think part of the reason sleep deprivation leads to weight gain is that your resistance is compromised when you’re tired. Lord knows, I’ve proven this theory several times this past week.

Aw, F-word. I’d say f*ck but I don’t want one of those ‘you have to be 18 to read this blog’ thingies. I gained .8 of a pound. All right, I’m officially labeling this a Damn Plateau. My first order of business, because I’m a mofo-in’ woman of action, is to switch from cream to milk in my coffee. Yeah, big deal, right? RIGHT. For me, it is. Creamy coffee is my thang. My friend Darcy insists that I could get used to and what, even LIKE, black coffee.  I think he’s lost his GD mind. However, that’s part of his charm, so…

It’s also clear that I have to start exercising. I’ve skated through this far without breaking a sweat (due to exercise) and it’s finally catching up to me, which is easy because I’m not moving.

Yesterday, movie critic Rex Reed called Melissa McCarthy (Identity Thief) ‘humongous,’ ‘tractor-sized’ and a ‘hippo.’ Dick move. He said she used her obesity as a gimmick. A gimmick. Really? I picture Melissa sitting contemplating her career thinking, “I’m talented and brilliantly funny, but that’s not enough. I need a hook. Juggling? No. Too much luggage. I know! OBESITY! Time to pack on the layers and get this career started.”

I’m weary of ‘fat shaming’ as they call it now. You know what I call making fun of someone’s addiction? Bullying.

Listen, I’m going to keep this short because it’s time for me to get off my ass and refocus on my shrinking efforts. I’ll even throw this out there – I will go for a walk every day this week. Ugh.




Pounds gained this week: .8

Total pounds lost: 47.6