LOSING LORI #26 – January 23, 2013

Hello fine people! Come in. You look good. No, I did not just slap your behind.

It’s been two days working on The Show at X929 now. Two days of the alarm going off at 4:30 am. Two days of loving it. I haven’t worked in a ‘regular’ job for years – ‘regular’ meaning there is structure, forms to fill out, bathroom space to mark as my own (I meant hairspray, weirdo), and Corporate Stuff.

I worked in the corporate world for 12 years. There was a lot I liked about it and I worked hard. I learned a lot, met great people, met nasty people and spent a good chunk of my administrative assistant salary on panty hose. To summarize my experience in the corporate world, after one week on the job at a computer company, my boss (Bob Tomlinson) sat me down and said, “You’re doing some really great work here, Lori, but some of the staff is having a hard time understanding your, uh… sarcastic sense of humour.”

Had that happened today, I’m quite confident I’d have a snappy comeback. At the time, I was in my early 20s so I went home and cried… alone… with Ichiban, as one does. The only reason I’ve used Bob’s real name is because I really liked him and probably still would if we’d stayed in touch. He had a wonderful and sarcastic sense of humour himself. When he gave me dictation* tapes, he would tell me jokes in between reciting sales proposals.

*Me: Do you ever use your Dictaphone? Sales Guy: No, sometimes I use my finger. (This joke caused me to double over and cry with glee for quite some time – I’m much more sophisticated now [nope]).

So, I had a smattering of trepidation about working corporate again. Thankfully, irreverance and sarcasm on The Show (on and off the air) is as common as rhinestones on my frocks. I feel at home, comfortable and very grateful.


Regarding losing weight, I am certain having a Regular Job is going to help. I pack a wee, healthy breakfast each morning which I have after approximately 8 vats of coffee. We’ll work on that vice later (never). Being busy with work takes away time I’d be home on my own and tempted to eat out of boredom.

The getting up early isn’t as tough as I imagined. It’s kind of nice to drive to work and only see 7 cars. The amusing part is that the 7 of us assume there won’t be anyone on the road so there are a lot of near misses.

Good news on ye olde scale today, friends. 2.8 pounds fell off me this week. Sorry if any of it landed on you. That could leave a mark.

Fraser and Roger are here so I have to do Real Work now. See you on Bejeweled Blitz, am I right guys?



Pounds lost this week: 2.8

Total pounds lost: 51.3

Pop by X929 for a visit, won’t you?