LOSING LORI #25 – January 16, 2013

Hello again, you stunning, supportive human, you.

Right now, I’m snuggled in my cozy couch corner in what feels like a slightly narcotic fog. Technically, there are no narcotics in my system. I’m in this high, floaty place because of my new job. Next Monday, January 21, I will join The Show on X929 – Calgary’s New Rock Alternative – as a morning show host.

“Cool, Lori. Did you always know you wanted to be in radio?”

Uh, no. I attribute this bizarre and stellar twist of fate to something I did on May 6, 2006. That day, I faced a fear I’d had for 20 years and tried stand-up comedy, thanks to the nudging and support of a dear friend. I didn’t think beyond my first show. The first show was my Everest.

Once in front of the (very kind) crowd, I found that despite the fear, my mouth and voice were still able to function, my legs still supported me and despite my doubts, I did not lose bladder or bowel control. Miraculously, they laughed. A feeling overcame me that is difficult to describe. It was a feeling that screamed, “Yes. This is where you belong. You’ve found it.” It was almost a physical sensation of settling into my intended niche in life. After that show, I was high on adrenaline for a week. Forget that – it’s been almost 7 years of adrenaline.

Being a comedian, I have found myself in some of the coolest situations ever; some of the weirdest/scariest too. Whenever I’m doing something or going somewhere amazing as a comedian, I think of that line in the picture beside this. Those 20 seconds of insane courage in ’06 led me here.

More than a year ago, I popped by X929 to promote comedy shows I was doing. Immediately, I liked Roger & Fraser. They were smart, funny, warm, welcoming and laid back. They helped me come off as charming and silly on air. Some time later, they asked me to be Girl Friday on The Show and I was tickled. I came back several times and each time, I looked forward to our playdates and had ridiculous amounts of fun.

♥ Roger & Fraser ♥

To get to the point, X929 asked if I’d be interested in joining The Show. Outwardly, I believe I said yes like a mature adult (pffft). Inwardly, my guts were on the most kickass roller coaster ever. I drove home alternating between singing passionately and flat-out squealing with delight. Though the boys continually remind me I’ll be getting up at 4:30 am every day, I still love them. Besides, if they think I’m spending 30 minutes on showering and grooming at 4:30 am, the joke’s on them. I’m getting up at 4:55. BOOM!

Agh, can someone remind me this is a blog about losing weight and getting healthy? Please forgive my self-indulgent ramblings. I’m just really bloody excited. By the way, I’ll be at X929 Mondays-Fridays from 6-10 am. Just go to their website and click ‘listen live’ if the power of alternative rock (or me) compels you.

I returned home from shows in Saint John, NB and Mississauga, ON on Sunday night. It was a killer good time and a good challenge to eat well. Staying with dear friends, being on 4 flights and eating at clubs/restaurants, I didn’t have as much control food-wise as I do at home. However, I did my best and am happy to report I lost POINT 3 of a pound. I was really tempted to round it up to half a pound to gain the approval of any strangers reading, but I couldn’t do it. This is a real-life, honest blog and I’m not going to eff that up. Hey, thanks for popping by. You’re a delight, you know that?



Pounds lost this week: .3

Total pounds lost: 48.5