LOSING LORI #18 – November 28, 2012

Hello, you delicious little so-and-so, you!

So, as usual, I had the Tuesday sneak peek weigh in yesterday. I don’t know why I do this. I think it’s so I have 24 hours to process whatever happened before I publish the blog. More to the point, it gives me time to drink 14 gallons of lemon water in case I haven’t done well because in my mind, an internal citrusy waterfall inevitably flushes out 3 pounds of fat – duh. Also, it provides ample time for wailing, cursing and cobbling together what’s left of my self esteem. Har har.

The truth is, yesterday I weighed the same as last Wednesday. The good news is that I didn’t get into a lather about it. There are several reasons why I might not have lost:

1. This ‘very little sugar/processed white flour/low GI eating’ thing is new to me and I may not have picked up on all the places those bandits are hiding. In addition, I may not have perfected the term ‘within reason’ when it comes to food.

2. We flew to Vancouver and back for the Paul McCartney concert on Sunday and despite the short flight, I think we’re all keenly aware of my special gift of retaining water.

3. I ate more than a reasonable portion of nuts this week. Nuts – mmph.

4. Breakfast at Denny’s. Despite having the ‘fit fare’ skillet for breakfast, all those delicious vegetables seemed to have been the victim of an oil spill in the kitchen.

5. My lady parts might be saving up for that other special gift. And far be it for me to brag (don’t look at me like that), but I have a seriously plus-sized uterus. Don’t be jealous.

Whatever the reason for the number on the scale, I ate well and felt wonderful. I can see now that a few weeks ago, I was having sugar withdrawal and felt a bit off for a few days. Now that it’s practically eliminated, I truly do feel more energetic. I don’t need nearly as much sleep and I’m more productive. My brain feels like a wee fog has lifted. The sugar cravings really do go away. Interesting stuff.

Maybe I’m Amazed

Also, I worked out really hard at the concert. In addition to my dancing in place, I went on a merch run. I know this doesn’t sound like a triathlon, but I’m almost certain it felt the same. The 8 lines were about 15 people deep. I took my place at the back and quickly realized that being polite was getting me nowhere. A couple of times, I had to leave my courteous comfort zone and squeeze a shoulder in because grown men were trying to shove in front of me. Yes, men in their 40s. Shoving ladies. Classy, guys. The sweat started to flow pretty soon after that, not just from the heat, but because I felt panicky and I’d had a plastic cup of wine. Pretty soon I was wiping sweat off my forehead, face and neck which I’m sure was amazing for the people smushed against me. The woman beside me was getting knocked around too so I proposed to her that we form an alliance. She concurred. After that, we stood shoulder to shoulder, united in feminine solidarity and didn’t let anyone budge us an inch. Booyah! After 35 minutes I got the GD t-shirts.  See? Triathlon.

After 3 songs, Paul greeted the crowd. Then he said, “Just a moment. I just need a moment to take this all in.” THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!  No, Lori! NO! Inappropriate! I adored that he took the time to savour the moment. I mean, the guy’s been singing for 50 years. To see so clearly that he still loves what he does choked me up. And I cried unabashedly when he played ‘Blackbird’ after explaining he’d written it about civil rights. So beautiful.

My sweet beautiful friend Jodi sent me a text telling me how healthy I was looking. I really enjoyed that! Healthy. Don’t get me wrong. I still encourage every living being to call me svelte, hot, smokin’, sexy and downright bony (as you accept my warm embrace then get injured by my jutting clavicle). But ‘healthy’ really was a kind, refreshing remark. Thanks, Jodi.

Okay, I just weighed myself and it’s official: I’M AN IDIOT. I spend half the blog blathering on about why I stayed the same weight and I lost 3.5 pounds. I KNOW! I weighed myself 6 times to be sure and it was the same every time. Amanda says I must exercise in my sleep. “I keep waking up in a pool of sweat.” “Menopause?” “No, cardio.”

In any case, I’m obviously thrilled because that puts the total at 40 pounds lost. 40. When I saw the number in red bold letters on MyFitnessPal a minute ago, my eyes almost got teary. I kind of can’t believe it.

But holy crap, could this mean that eating low glycemic foods – as much as I want (within reason) – is way more effective than counting calories? It would appear that way, and that is effing exciting. While I didn’t have a problem logging my food and counting calories, I must tell you that not doing it is very freeing. Perhaps good old Gary Taubes, the man speaking out against sugar, was bang on about low fat dieting being a big fat lie. Wow.

This was going to be a ‘short and to the point’ blog. Not bloody likely. Thanks for being here. Can I top off your coffee?



Pounds lost this week: 3.5

Total pounds lost: 40