* F I G H T * C L U B *

Okay, I realize that CBC’s The Debaters isn’t as physical as Fight Club (which I shouldn’t be talking about), but it sounds all tough and edgy, right? No? Huh.

Anyhoo, last Tuesday, I was one of the fighters on The Debaters that taped in Calgary at the gorgeous Martha Cohen theatre. I loved the whole experience, especially being downstairs in the theatre with all the other debaters. We’re all getting ready for our debates in several ways; many of us are practicing the Bare Knuckle round with our debate partners, some are tweaking their writing, some are finally figuring out the last line to their Opening Rant (okay, that was me) ten minutes before they’re on stage. It’s a wonderful feeling of camaraderie!

After a super fun night of debates, a big pile of debaters and friends and local comedians all gathered at a hotel bar where there was much laughter and joviality. Steve Patterson, the host of The Debaters, was presented the infamous white cowboy hat and Calgary city welcome by Mayor Nenshi himself! We all had to try on the hat and I’m afraid I probably stretched it due to my behemoth cranium. Ssh!

Super fun times!