* T R I P P Y *

Hi loverpants,

Just back from 5 days in the wilds of Northern B.C.  There is something magical about B.C. Maybe because it’s my home province, maybe because of the trees, maybe because the water always tastes good… probably a bit of everything.

The dozens of friendly people, from drive-thru staff to gas station attendants to comedy fans to front desk clerks made the trip more than pleasant. Having Ian Wallace along for the ride was wonderful as he is smart, funny, professional and punctual. Despite all those annoying habits, I tolerated him. Also, his giggle is ridiculous and infectious in only the best way possible.

At the fourth hotel, I was disoriented getting off the elevator. All the hotels had merged in my head and I thought about acts that go on the road night after night. No wonder you’d need ‘people’ with you! Otherwise you’d end up sleeping next to the ice machine.

This week I’ll be doing a spot at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino at my friend Chris Gordon’s new room. The show is at 9:30 on Wednesdays. Then I’m meeting Brett Martin in Regina, SK for a corporate on Friday. That’ll be fun and a half.

Hope your week is smooth as silk…