* R A D I O * G A G A *

Good morning, beautiful humans,

You look good. You must be getting your 8 glasses of water per day.

One thing I’ve always wanted to be is a radio DJ/personality. That sounds like you only have a personality when you’re on the radio. You just flip a switch. You are dull and beige off air. I like it.

Ever since I was 14 and called into LG73 in Vancouver, using a ROTARY DIAL PHONE, and subsequently got to request Huey Lewis’ “I Want a New Drug” and had my voice ON THE AIR, I’ve wanted to be as cool as a DJ. Of course, watching WKRP in Cincinnati only perpetuated the fantasy. Nobody was as cool as Dr. Johnny Fever. P.S. I always thought Bailey was prettier than Jennifer, just like Betty is prettier than Veronica, and I’m prettier than Dog the Bounty Hunter (most of the time).

A couple of weeks ago, I popped down to X92 to promote shows at Yuk Yuks. They invited me to come back the following week for a couple of hours to do a ‘Girl Friday’ kind of thingy. Who needs details? I’m a step closer to being Johnny Fever.

I LOVED being Girl Friday! I thought it would be all ‘get my coffee, sweetcheeks’ and ‘my dry cleaning’s not going to pick up itself, toots,’ but it was much easier. I needn’t have studied up on my shorthand. Fraser, Roger & I bantered and told stories and laughed a lot. I ended up staying an extra hour, though I’m not sure if I was invited or I was simply too girthy to be thrown out.

There is also huge love when I visit KOOL FM. I am welcomed with open arms – literally – and there is a hug-fest with Randi Chase & Chris Shine. Then we pee our pants snorting and laughing.

I’m so touched that these people, along with my friend, Russell Bowers, and everyone involved with “The Debaters” and “LOL” at CBC Radio, are kind, fun, welcoming and make me feel so comfortable popping into their domain from time to time.

Uh, and yeah, it’s pretty sweet to show up for ‘work’ in stretch pants, no makeup and small hair.

Love til the point of nauseau,