* R E A P I N G * (not a typo, freak)

Hi love-filled humans,

Uh, I’m not disciplined/adult enough to keep a gratitude journal. I think it’s a grand idea, but I’m lazy… except for today.

Things that kick ass in my life right now:

* CBC emailed and asked me to do an episode of The Debaters. Holy crap.
* Our fam vacation in Christina Lake was amazing and I want to go there every summer til I die.
* I’m taping a Comedy Now special in late October in Toronto. Seriously?
* My comedy mentors are my friends and they are endlessly generous, kind and supportive.
* My husband works his ass off and is an amazing cook. Thank God.
* I painted our cabin door purple and it makes me inordinately happy.

What’s good in your life lately?