* G R A B * B A G *

Wait! No. Don’t grab someone’s bag [see title]. Unless it’s hilarious.

I can either write a proper blog or do this. I vote ‘this’*:

1. Summer is grand. Perhaps the contrast of climbing out of a black depression** in June makes it an even better summer. More gratitude. Less hermitude.
2. My boys are cool human beings. I love hearing their discussions when they don’t know I’m listening.
3. I got a new pink scale that never shows one’s weight. I like it. If/when there are results, I will brag.
4. I decided to pressure wash and re-stain the entire cabin. Turns out I panic on ladders. Awesome.
5. Soon going to BC to visit old friends that I’ve missed for years.

That’s all. Love you,

* “this” is a lazyass way to write a blog
** hoping this comes across as factual rather than attention-seeking, but I’d take either