* B R E A T H I N G *

Iliza & me somewhere amongst our collective hair

It’s been way too long! I missed you. You look tanned… or tan. I’ve never figured out which one is correct, but I say tanned as if you’re a supple pelt of fine Corinthian leather. Leather comes in pelts. Didn’t you know?

Comedy slows down in the summer, and I’ve let myself be officially ‘off duty.’ Needed some time to get some personal stuff in perspective and make sure I’m … [gasp] … NORMAL. I assure you I am not. Phew.

Off duty right now means staying in a friend’s house in La Quinta, California with my hubby and sweet boys. La Quinta is down the valley from Palm Springs. Some days, it has been 43 degrees C here (I think that’s 116F). But it’s a dry heat! Har har! We burn our feet on the pool deck if we don’t scamper.

Last night, I drove into Hollywood on my own to visit my funny friend, Iliza Shlesinger. She was doing a set at the Hollywood Improv. It felt very exhilarating and surreal to drive down Melrose Avenue listening to Led Zeppelin. I shouldn’t have been anxious about going to the Improv. Before Iliza arrived, I ran into three comedian pals! Old home week! So lovely.

Iliza’s taping a dating show that will air in the fall called “Excused.” I went to the set with her today and it was super interesting. Watching the process of finding the funny was my favourite part. Also, I walked into a shot where they were filming by accident. In my head, I pretended to be Consuela, the maid. Totally not embarassed (kill me).

It’s 4:20 am (I wonder if the herbal people meant AM as well as PM), and I have no brain power to end this eloquently. Bye.