* D E – B L O B *

Hi loverpants,

Just got home today from Spring Break in Palm Springs, CA. Man, I love California. The winter here in Cowtown had been slowly making me a depressed, unmoving, slightly-reclusive COUCH BLOB and I didn’t realize it until I started de-blobbing in Cali (that’s how the gangstas say it, yo). It is really easy to stay on a couch under my fave quilt (made of my kids’ old flannel pyjamas that Grandma made) when it’s minus-whatever degrees out there. However, I find when there’s a damn POOL in my backyard, I’m a rolicking, frolicking Aquabelle. I probably moved more in the last week than I have all winter, and I want to keep doing it. I may go to a *shudder* gym, which kind of makes me want to vomit, but I can’t go full metal blob any more. If you have any tips for a beginner de-blobber, please share!