* 5 * T H I N G S *

Hi loveheads,

Me : : Bobscratch Goldfarb

1. It’s almost Spring Break. This winter has felt like a marathon in several ways although that’s not meant to sound negative. For the first two or three days of Spring Break, I plan to lay limply, watch clouds, drink coffee and lapse into sleep several times a day. After that, who knows? I will be the Nap Champion. Believe it.

2. I hope Charlie Sheen will be okay.

3. My friend, Karen O’Keefe, is moving to Toronto. She is a talented comedian. She will have more opportunities there. Selfishly, I don’t want her to go. We started comedy within five months of each other. That makes a bond. Being females in a male-dominated industry makes another bond. Doing a gig for 200 drunk oil workers in Brooks bonds the bonds. I’ll miss her.

4. Bobcat Goldthwait headlined Yuk Yuks this past weekend and I opened for him. It was awesome. He was awesome. Not only is he hilarious, he is warm, kind, smiley and says “snapadeedoo!” This makes me very happy. I’m so lucky.

5. I like my Mom. A lot.