A Poem

8-hour drives. Redneck bars. Drunk hecklers.
Dilapidated motels. Shitty money. Dinner at 7-11.
Stained bedspreads. Constant judgement.
Cordless fucking mike with dying batteries.
No benefits. No retirement plan.
Rejection. Rejection. Rejection.
Hours from home, sweet home. Alone.
Frozen cars, black ice, white-outs.
Dead-eyed corporates.
BJ Woodbury, Stan Thomson, Stu-fucking-Hughes.

And we love it.
We LOVE it.

Do you get that the chance to hear you laugh is worth all of it?
Do you get that the privilege of taking you away from the stress of your life fills our souls?
Do you get that your face, in that moment just before you laugh, is exquisite?
Does that sound corny to you?
I don’t care.

Envy and impatience. Disappointment and isolation.
Frustration. Insecurity. Loneliness.
Don’t fight them.
They are gifts to remind us of our need to grow.

Bitterness has no place here.
Hate has no place here.

Comedy is about love.
Love of humanity.
Of passion.
Of release.
Of healing.
Of connection.
Connecting minds and souls and hearts
Over beer and wings and dick jokes.

Comedy is about love.
It’s all about love.