Hi beauties! Believe it or not, I would be running back to Saskatoon if I wasn’t soaking up the hubby and kids really hard right now after being away. Why? Well, the whole Saskatchewan casino run was a beaut! Yeah, the roads were bad here and there, but the venues and hotels were grand! And everything is even sparklier when in the company of Karen O’Keefe and Allyson Smith*, two talented, hilarious, hardworking, inside-and-out beautiful women. More than that… they’re my friends!

Special thanks to Pam who took such amazing care of and boasted the best green room snacks, and to Corla and her Splurge Group. I felt a kinship to these ladies! Corla stalked the three of us comedians before the show, so we knew she was coming and she even marketed the show on her blog. Also… I think this is so cool… Corla’s going to be on Dragon’s Den in February with a very cool idea. I won’t spill the beans though. (I’m sure she’ll have the exact date on her website)

Oh, and big love to Brandon and Dustin at the Delta Bessborough in Saskatoon! They played a game of “who can upgrade the ladies the most” and we were spoiled rotten!

Thanks, lovely people of Saskatchewan! Hope to see you soon.



* Allyson’s new site will be up soon!