* J O C K O *

My friend, Jocko Alston, died suddenly three days ago from a heart attack. He was 44. He was a father, a gentleman, a comedian and a kind, positive man.

Earlier this year, Jocko needed a lift to Calgary from Edmonton and posted the request on Facebook. Good luck! Karen O’Keefe and I were gigging in Stony Plain, so we picked him up the next day for the ride home. He raved about 7-11 coffee (seriously???) and went through iPod. Every few minutes from the back seat, “No way!! The Time? Jungle Love!  No way! Cameo? Word Up! Lori, you are a sister!”

Just a few weeks ago, a few of us met for lunch with Jocko. We exchanged ‘merch.’ He got a Balls t-shirt, I got his new DVD. We talked, we laughed, he ordered two desserts and shared them with Angela and me. Afterward, he asked for a lift to the toy store. I can’t turn down a toy store trip, so we went to Toys R Us and helped each other find things for our respective kids. It was good. I dropped him at the C-Train station with detailed instructions how to get to the stop near Daryl’s house. We hugged. I texted Daryl that ‘our boy’ was on his way home.

Jocko leaving this earth so soon and so suddenly has affected so many. The love and positivity he spread on this earth was a gift, and I won’t forget it. I think the best way to honour Jocko would be to spread joy, love and laughter… like he did. Miss you, Jocko. You had me at “o-e-o-e-o.”