* C A Y A Y I N *

When my big bro and I were acting particularly out of control, I remember my Mom would say, “You kids, stop cayayin’ around!”  I just thought of that as I sit in my Edmonton hotel room listening to Jungle Love by The Time. No, there’s no connection. I’m being random, as the kids say.

Anyhoo, I just spent an inordinate of time (3.5 minutes) researching ‘cayayin’ on the Internet. Nothing. Tried all kinds of spellings. Closest I came was ‘kayaking’ and that’s not what my bro and I were doing. You can’t put a kayak in a rumpus room. Did your family call it a rumpus room? Lordy, I miss those old words almost as much as rollin’ cigarettes for Gram and Gramps so they had enough smokes for the meat draw at the Legion.

This post was supposed to be about… oh crap, I forget now. It was something about being in Edmonton doing shows with Jay Brown and Mario Lopez and loving the two shows last night. There was a lot of offstage singing, dancing and hugging. Jay Brown’s guitar work is A-MAZ-ING. Tonight I’ll have to remember to lift my chin off the floor.

When I remember what the hell I was going to write about, I’ll be back. Just kidding. I’ll never remember. I’m over 40.

Love you,