Hi loveheads,

It’s corporate season in the World of Comedy. Corporates can be amazing. Even when they’re not, the paycheque heals any residual pain. Outside a corporate last weekend, I was chatting to a man who worked for “the company.” He was asking about doing comedy and if corporates were good gigs. Being Positive Patsy, I said yes, then I added with a smile, “Sometimes it’s difficult because people did not come out specifically to see comedy and they might be guarded and afraid to let go and have a good time because they are with their boss and coworkers.” It’s sociologically fascinating to tell a joke, see a group of people stealthily steal a glance at the boss, determine if he thinks it was funny, and then react in, what they deem, an appropriate way. I am aware there were too many commas in that sentence.

After I said that, the man chortled, threw his head back and laughed, then said, “Oh, you won’t have that problem here! We’re a great group. Tons of fun.” By the way, every company thinks that. I naively believed him. Apparently I was speaking to one of the two people at the party who were fun and who loved comedy. The rest were the Happy Inaudibles as I like to call them. You can see them smiling and nodding, but their corporate filter has blocked any audible sound from emitting from their mouths (or any other orifice likely, come to think of it).

The gig sheets are wonderfully amusing for these too. “Corporate party. Edgy is okay, but nothing over the top.” “Risque is fine, but no rape or abortion.” I wonder if, when Aerosmith was starting out, they got gig sheets that said, “Dream On is fine, but no Big Ten Inch-bombs. Change any sexually themed lyrics to family-friendly.” I don’t believe I’m Aerosmith (just the hair).

Off to a corporate. Fuck yeah! (I’m fired)