Last weekend, I drove to Brandon, Manitoba for three lovely nights of gigging. The roads, I could do without. A shwack of a snowstorm hit hard on Wednesday. We were due to leave Thursday morning early to make the 11 hour road trip to Brandon. My husband suggested we get a head start Wednesday night. Did I mention he’s very wise in the ways of the road? He is. The other comedian and I drove from 7pm Wednesday to 2am Thursday and stopped in Swiftcurrent. Thank heavens the venue owners recognized the Drive from Hell and agreed to put us up for the night to get there safely. By the time we got to Brandon, the drive had been 15 hours… 13.5 of which were road hell. Blowing snow, ice, white-out conditions almost constantly. I’ve driven on worse roads, but never for so many hours in a row. My brain was fried. So, it was nice to be able to cozy up in Brandon in a nice hotel for a few days. The drive home was only (ha!) 12 hours, the last two of which threw black ice in my face. Yay! But… we arrived, we delivered the guffaws, and we are ALIVE!! Woo!

This weekend seems like a cakewalk in terms of road comparison! Drayton Valley was Thursday on a flatbed truck stage. It was amazing. Big shout out to the kind folks in Drayton Valley.

Last night, we were in Edmonton at a corporate. Corporates can be awesome. Then there are the ones where everybody feels obliged to be there and is afraid to laugh or cut loose for fear of slipping into inappropriateness in front of their boss. Sigh.

Tonight, Hinton! We checked out the room when we rolled into town. Big huge hall, great table setup, decent sound and lights, and they’ve sold it out – 300 people. It has the makings of a ball of fun. Fingers crossed.

Stay safe and warm, loveheads,