* T O R O N T O * L O V E *

Hey lovelies! I have a crashing ear infection and am currently drugged up on Tylenol 3s. What better time to blog, right?

Toronto: seriously, more amazing than I could’ve imagined. The best and most touching part was the love. There are many generous, talented, kind and extraordinary people in this world who happen to be comedians. There was one morning in Toronto where I was so overwhelmed with how kind people were being that I actually had a big, awesome cry over the kitchen sink. It was GREAT. When you’re crying for that reason, you wanna milk it for all its worth.

My home for my mini-tour was with Nikki and her 7-pound Yorkie, Emillio Estevez. Watching a pro stay disciplined with work every day of the week was fascinating to me. I should act that way more often! My home base was a soft place to fall with a lot of laughter, kindness, warmth and tongue kisses up my nose (the dog, people… the dog).

I performed at Niagara Yuk Yuks, Vaughan Yuk Yuks, The Rivoli, Eton House, Spirits and in a town called Saint Thomas. It was adrenaline-filled… exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.

Jo-Anna touched me very deeply by asking me which friends I would like on the shows at Eton House and Spirits. Eton House seemed to be a show with people that have generously given me their time, their wisdom and their friendship: Nikki, Kenny, Gilson, Rob, Jo-Anna herself. The love continued at Spirits where I was graced with the presence of Martha, Danny, Mark, Darren, Anna, Simon, Claire, Megan, Cal, Jo-Anna, Nathan, Bobby. Sheesh, I know I’m going to forget somebody. Agh.

I broke bread with some sweet friends as well. Lunches and such with Kathleen, Jason, Martha, Steven, Roy and Elaine. Honestly, I felt so fabulously spoiled in the best possible way.

I am slightly regretful that I didn’t see Niagara Falls, especially when I found out how close I was. However, that sort of amuses me as well; that I was there three nights in a row and didn’t see it. It’s for another time, maybe with the family some day.

My birthday began in an Ultramar gas station somewhere on the 401 with Nikki and Derek and man, did we laugh! It was a bit of a hell ride getting home from the gig that night, so we were already a bit punchy. Having ‘Happy Birthday’ sung to you in front of strangers in a gas station at midnight is very special. Don’t knock it til you try it.

This has been Part 1. I know I’m forgetting things. But remember, I’m drugged? Yeah! I just remembered too. I have to lay down. *grin*