Hi beauties,

Summer’s starting to wind down. Weird, hey? As a Mom, I always find the beginning of July is my absolute favourite part of summer. No waking up to an alarm, no driving anyone to school, no finding lunch money on the floor of the car. Just thinking about a blank day on the calendar is intoxicating. Then by the end of August, I’m looking forward to structure and predictability again. Don’t tell anybody, ok? I have a reputation for being spontaneous and laidback.

Comedy inevitably slows down in the summer and as much as I try to play it cool, I’m inwardly shaking like an addict desperate for a fix. Don’t tell anybody, ok? I did a guest spot on Thursday because I hadn’t been on stage for two weeks. I wanted to shake off a little rust, but I really wanted a hit of adrenaline. The crowd was small, laidback and subdued. There were maybe three people who allowed their amusement to be audible. IT SOOO DIDN’T MATTER. I love being on stage telling jokes. It’s so joy-producing for me that a quiet crowd can’t take the shine off the experience. I kind of love that.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. I’ll be looking forward to the smell of autumn, a bit of structure and more time frolicking on stage.