This weekend, Dan Guiry & I are sharing our first ever city Yuk Yuks co-feature. I have him to thank for it as he requested me. So ironic considering we got off to a horrid start four years ago. I’ve come to realize that Dan is a lovely human being who often says, “Hey… I’m an a$$hole!” with a hint of pride and shame at the same time. We joked a long time ago that if we ever toured, we’d call it the Meat & Potatoes tour, based almost solely on our physical appearances. Thanks, Dan, for this weekend and for the fun, tragic and maxi-padded times we’ve had together… and especially for the making up of lyrics on the fly. Home…

Thank you to everybody coming out to the shows. Knowing you’re there buoys me up even more than usual, and I love the energy you bring to the room.